Need a rotary valve safety guide?

Posted by Megan Thompson on Feb 13, 2020
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Stop the presses! Or at least make sure to lockout and tag before you do any maintenance on your rotary airlock valve.

On that note, ACS Valves recently published an extensive guide to rotary valve safety in Powder & Bulk Solids. It describes the role of valves in NFPA safety and outlines the key safety considerations you should have in mind any time you work with rotary valves. Give it a read online or look for it in print.

Stay safe out there!

ACS Valves Safety Tips Header
Posted By Megan Thompson President & COO of ACS Valves

Think your plant is safe from fires? Ask our residential NFPA expert, Megan, and she may tell you otherwise. Though her personality has plenty of spark, she’s invested her 26 years of experience in the industry to helping prevent explosions in plants like yours—and can tell you just what you need to keep your workers safe.