Your gypsum mixer needs a first aid kit

Posted by Wayne Beveridge on Sep 19, 2022
An assortment of spare parts

In a hurry? Download the cheat sheet for mixer spare parts here.

When you’re in the gypsum slurry business, stuff happens. Things can go wrong all along the production line, whether it’s paper breaks or worn-out parts. The same goes for pin mixers.

Our resident gypsum consultant, Wayne Beveridge, has been helping drywall manufacturers troubleshoot problems like these for decades. He’s seen it all. One common issue is something he calls “grenading” your mixer – because when a stray object falls into the machinery, it’s as good as dropping a grenade.

Well, almost. Because your mixer is built with precise tolerances, anything bigger than the gap – even a tiny scrap of metal, wood, or plastic – can get stuck, break other parts of your equipment, and basically cause a mini explosion. It’s a domino effect of damage you want to avoid at all costs.

We’re not saying this to be dramatic, but because we understand how important it is that your process keeps running uninterrupted. That’s why we’re such big proponents of regular mixer maintenance.

No matter how diligent you are, accidents can happen at a moment’s notice. We know some manufacturers don’t keep spare mixer parts on hand and just wait to order them as needed. This may seem easier, but it could exaggerate downtime.

When problems do come up, you’ll want to address them immediately to get production back on track. The best way to do that is to always keep a full set of spare mixer parts on hand.

Which parts do you need, and how many? Our downloadable cheat sheet has the full list.

Think of it as your mixer first aid kit. If something happens to your mixer, a solid set of spare parts pays for itself several times over.

Of course, our gypsum consultants are happy to help troubleshoot issues at any point in your production line. Contact ACS Mixers if you have questions.

An assortment of spare parts
Posted By Wayne Beveridge Gypsum Sales/Consulting Manager

Wayne is our technical jet-setter. He will explore any possible explanation for why your mixer or valve might not be functioning at its best—even if he has to travel by planes, trains and motorcycles to get to your machinery. He’ll take a look at the minute details of your equipment to make sure that your whole system is back up and running in no time.